Rekey, Change and Fix Locks


Even with good locks, things sometimes go wrong. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a higher security lock, or maybe your living situation has changed and you want a way to keep unwanted people out. Or maybe a lock is stiff, hard to deal with, or just plain broken. With our many years of locksmith experience, Pop-A-Lock of Baton Rouge can help with all your lock issues as soon as they crop up. Call us at (225) 767-2562 24/7 for a free quote and fast service.

Install Locks
Whenever you want to add a lock to an area that has never had one — a mailbox, patio, cabinet, or shed, for example — Pop-A-Lock offers affordable lock installations. Our certified technicians will talk you through your options for different types of locks, then perform a prompt, professional lock installation.

Rekey Locks
Did you know that rekeying locks is a fast and affordable alternative to changing locks? With a lock rekey, a Pop-A-Lock locksmith simply changes the tumblers inside your existing lock and makes you a new set of keys to fit. Your old keys will no longer work, and anyone who had one will now be unable to get inside. It takes minutes to rekey a lock and offers the same peace of mind as a full lock change.

Change locks
To change a lock, we uninstall your current lock and install a completely new one. Although changing locks is unnecessary for most situations, if you want to upgrade to a different lock brand or type (such as a keyless entry system or bump key proof lock), this is the service you’re looking for.

Fix locks
Pop-A-Lock technicians can fix certain lock problems, such as stiff tumblers. Unfortunately, not all broken locks can be fixed and many will need to be replaced. If your lock can be fixed, we will always let you know. If not, we’ll point you to your other options for changing locks and install a new one that will hold up for years.

Call Pop-A-Lock of Baton Rouge today for more information on installing, rekeying, changing, and fixing locks!