Master Key Systems


Pop-A-Lock installs more than just locks. As your full service business locksmith, we also take care of important security features that Baton Rouge businesses depend on to meet fire codes, control access, and maintain security. Read more about panic bar installs, master key systems, and door closer installs. Then call (225) 767-2562 for a free quote today!

Door Closer Installs
Door closers refer to any device that automatically shuts an open door. That’s where the similarity stops, though. There are pneumatic closers, fully automatic door operators, adjustable closers, and many different brands, each of which takes some training to install correctly. Don’t struggle with a DIY installation — call Pop-A-Lock to schedule an affordable door closer installation. We have years of experience installing door closers by all the major makers, including Corbin, LCN and Global.

Master Key Systems
One of Pop-A-Lock’s areas of expertise is engineering master key systems. A skillfully designed master key system will include master keys that open all locks in a system as well as change keys that open only one specific lock. What you may not have known is that lower quality systems leave your business vulnerable to security breaches, such as keys that open the wrong locks. Get a master key system custom designed for you that will let the right people in and keep the wrong people out 100% of the time.

Panic Bar Installs
These handy push bars allow for quick exits and are often required on fire and emergency exits, which are kept unlocked during business hours. Worried about theft and other security issues? Pop-A-Lock offers several panic bar installation options, including alarms and delayed exit, which strike the right balance between safety and business sense.

Call Pop-A-Lock for more information about any of these business locksmith services and see for yourself why we’re Baton Rouge’s leading commercial locksmith.