Keyless Entry Remote for Cars


Jennifer L. of Baton Rouge never gave her keyless remote a second thought. When it broke, she shrugged it off and used the mechanical key to open her doors instead. And then came a day when the car just wouldn’t start. As it turned out, her key fob was connected to the security system, which immobilized the car when the keyless remote stopped working. Jennifer could have saved herself an expensive tow by simply getting her key fob replaced.

Replacing a broken or lost keyless remote just makes sense, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. (It’s also not a bad idea to have a spare on hand if you’re down to one.) Pop-A-Lock of Baton Rouge is your local remote key expert. We service, duplicate, and replace remote keys from all makes and models. Call us, and you can skip the expensive tow back to your dealership and the high mark-up associated with replacing a key fob there.

Why should you choose Pop-A-Lock instead of buying and programming a new blank yourself? The truth is that programming a keyless entry remote can be easy or highly complicated — depending on your car. Some require special equipment while others can be programmed with just a key. If you’re stranded outside your car, you probably don’t have the time to order one from the internet, read the manual, and attempt to program it. In contrast, licensed Pop-A-Lock locksmiths have years of experience programming key fobs and have both the training and equipment to do it quickly. We can unlock your door, cut you a new mechanical key, and program a new remote key for you, all at a fraction of the cost of going to the dealership.

Replacing a key fob can be easy, affordable, and quick. Call Pop-A-Lock today at (225) 767-2562 for 24/7 roadside service for your keyless remote!