Bump Proof Locks


Bump keys are bad news for anyone with a standard pin and tumbler lock — which are standard with the vast majority of American homes. The internet means that anyone can now buy a bump key or read up on how to modify a key blank, and the technique itself to open a lock (insert bump key, rap with a hammer or other tool) is so simple that kids can learn how to do it. Bump keys seriously compromise your security. And since bumping a lock doesn’t leave visible damage, insurance companies sometimes won’t even pay for anything that has been stolen.

One thing is clear: the theft rate isn’t going down in Baton Rouge, where you have a 1/14 chance of being a victim of property crime. So how can you secure your home, family, and property against bump keys? One solution is to install bump proof locks. These are locks that have been specially designed to resist bumping, and they come in a range of brands and styles. Some offer bump-resistant features like shallow drilling and trap pins, but if you want to up the ante, there are also truly bump proof locks available.

Pop-A-Lock of Baton Rouge can evaluate your current locks for vulnerability, offer you a full range of bump proof locks, and install the lock of your choice. Depending on your current locks, we may also be able to do a bump resistant rekey by changing the pins and springs, which will save you money over changing locks.

You don’t have to spend another minute wondering who might have a bump key. Call us today at (225) 767-2562 for a free quote or to install bump proof locks ASAP.